All that’s new in Classic

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All that’s new in Classic

It seems that there’s a lack of detailed information where Ethereum Classic is so here’s some pointers:

Development is more active than ever

There’s tons of great projects coming out, we’ve got a new wallet, new node software, and even new developer tools.

Please note that these projects are all in progress, some are usable, some are not. Worthwhile things take effort, nothing’s instant, and Classic is in this for the long run.

But I hope you’ll agree that we’ve come quite a way in just a year.

For the users

Emerald Wallet — Now in beta, lots of UI/UX improvements.

Mantis — In alpha, a completely new node software that promises to be fast and stable.

Daedulus — In alpha, a brand new wallet that will use Mantis as its backend supporting both Classic and Cardano blockchains.

Cross-Chain ECNS — Plans to support naming across chains. Classic gets .etc, Expanse gets .exp, Ubiq gets .ubq. Users get an easier time sending money.

My Ether Wallet/Classic Ether Wallet — We’re getting better integration of Classic with MEW.

ClassicMask — MetaMask for the Classic network. Fans of the plugin can now have the same experience on Classic!

For the techies

Decentralized Mining — In early development, will allow for miners to get away from centralized pools, leading to a more decentralized network.

Viper — A new compiler developed on the Classic side for a better Contract programming language started on the Ethereum side.

SputnikVM — Used for testing new Classic contracts, written in Rust, with planned features to make development easier and support for all major OS’s. I’m particularly looking forward to JSONRPC commands that can change the test environment’s state.

For the blockchain

ECIP-1017 — A cap on the total Classic monetary supply which keeps Classic from perpetually inflating. The total cap will be reached around 2059.

ECIP-1027 — A proposal to expand Classic’s total capacity through sidechains. Think Bitcoin, they seem to be doing pretty well. Neither Classic, nor Ethereum currently have scaling issues, but planning for the future is always important.

ECIP-1025 — Allow for anonymous transactions via RingCT or zkSNARK. Think Monero/ZCash private transactions, except on the Classic blockchain. Personally I’m in favor of RingCT.

So there you have it, all that’s new in Classic. Delivered by our 3 development teams, ETCDEVIOHK, and Dexaran. Not too shabby.


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